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First Time Grower, need help with a Budget 2/3 plant grow

First time grower, UK based and I just wanted to get a few peoples opinions on my to-be grow setup, what I could change etc, i’ll be growing 2 strains, both feminised photoperiod.

Fan System

Any opinion and ideas on what I could change or add would be great, I want to get into using nutrients but no idea what i’m doing yet lmao, however I was looking at using these nutrients with the Coco Coir



Size of grow space? Have you researched CMH lighting? The ceramic discharge metal-halide (CDM) lamp , often referred to as Ceramic Metal Halide lamp ( CMH ) is a source of light that is a type of metal-halide lamp which is 10-20% more efficient than the traditional quartz metal halide and produces a superior color rendition (80-96 CRI).Still lower running costs and heat signature. Hight CRI This means that CMH are more PAR efficient than either HPS or MH, making them a better single light solution. They also have a more natural CRI (Color Rendering Index). … CMH grow lights are generally rated between 80 to 96 CRI, by comparison, the sun is rated at 100 CRI. Cost is very re-seasonable compared to LED. Peace and good growing!


Hi @earthmanz,

Thats unfortunatly not correct! a high CRI normally comes with a lower µmol/J since the highest µmol-efficiency range is in the redish part of the spectrum. For example a HPS fixture comes with 1.7 µmol/J while a CMH fixture is arround 1.5 µmol/J



contact me privately wholesale prices

If you need any water treatment help, let me know. We have systems that are perfect size for a small grow .


Try Nate @ growers house! Straight shooter an real knowledgeable.


Rkag home grow program kit
Program week by week
Coco compost 10 gallon
1 GAPs coco coir block 11 lb
Rkag canna Flourish liquid
1 bottle volcanic ash

30 gallons total . Recommend
30/ 1 gallon up to 6 / 5 gallon or

It’s not on market yet but contact me privately and I’ll hook you up

What kind of water source are you going to use?

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