First time outdoor grow Pink runtz and?

So here are my girls… one is almost definitely a Pink Runtz but the other that came from the same bag… yes both are from an zip if pink runtz I picked up a little while back … but they are Obviously different plants both female both started at the same time and treated the same exact way… Both are females neither seems to be a hermie… still checking for nanners daily… so not sure how much longer…think the runtz has a while to go… but the mystery plant looks close


Welcome to growers network. They could be from the same parents just one takes after her mom and one takes after her dad.


They’re both Runtz plants. Just different phenotypes. Seeds are very rarely ever the same. Any strain of seeds can produce dozens even a hundred different phenotypes. Depending on the generation of seeds. They’re all the same strain. But can be nite n day different. Due to genetic variations. If both seeds came from the bag of pink runtz. They’re both pink runtz plants. Just different phenotypes


Hey @flowerpower , welcome to GN. Thanks for sharing your grow. Looking good.


Those sure look good…excellent job on them!


Looking good. I’m from cali n just pulled my outdoor Runtz grow a few days ago. Maybe could’ve gone another week as I couldn’t find any amber.


nice grow !!!

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