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First Timer!

Ok thanks alot

Day number 10 for the girls. The blue dream’s (bigger plant) leaves were praying up yesterday but the leaves took a droop. Should i be worried about this? It seemed to take a droop after i gave it the first nute feed. I used half the recommended dosage of fox farms big bloom.

The beast mode is recovering pretty well but if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do to make sure she can make it through the whole process.

I do have an important question though. My gf is going into labor so ill probably be gone for a day or two. Should I heavily water it before we go to the hospital or will it be ok without getting watered?


How often are you watering your plant?

Take everything I say with a grain of salt because I’m also a first timer but in my opinion, under watering is better than overwatering. Plants tend to bounce back after being under watered but when you over water cannabis it can cause BIG issues like root rot. I’m still trying to recover my plant from overwatering it when it was smaller :grimacing:. That could also be why the leaves are drooping but I’m not sure. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I would air on the side of caution when watering.


Aww glad my thread is helping you out! :grin: I would be wary of watering everyday. The top 1inch (to your first knuckle) should be dry when you stick your finger in the soil before you water again, at least that’s what I’ve read. Especially when they are so small. Did you plant them in their final pots because having a tiny plant in a big pot tends to cause overwatering issues.

Thank you! Ive been paying attention to your thread so i know your getting/giving good information. Ive only been watering when the top soil dries which comes to about one small watering per day.

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Day 17 for blue dream, day 16 for beat mode. Trying to LST both not 100% sure if i’m doing it right ive just been trying to get light deeper into the plant seems like the Blue dream likes it. I have my
Light at 19 inches now and I think id be ok moving it to about 16?

Quick question, i used the wrong nutrient ( supposed to use fox farm big bloom accidentally used ff grow big) I have only been feeding 6.5 ph water the last two feeds. Should i be ok to go back to feeding the correct nutrients?


Your lst looks fine to me. It’s just a matter of continuing to tie down those tops when they start sprouting. I recommend a tomato cage or something you can tie it to once it’s a little bigger. I wish I had put a tomato cage on my plant before it got to the size it is. Now it’s too late for me so I’m sorta letting mine go wild now because it’s too tall to continue tying down to the pot.

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