Flawless finish does it work?

Just curious if anyone of the growers use it and if it works? It pretty cheap to buy but if it doesn’t work why bother. Thanks in advance for everyone’s insight.


Don’t do it. Why waste ur money. Just flush with distilled PH water. I used it and seen no difference in smoke or yield. When just using water. I think flawless finish is basically magnesium. That helps break down the nutes in the soil. To allow the plant to absorbs what is left in there. Could be wrong. Im sure someone on here would know for sure. Epsom salt is the same shit. 1 tbsp per gal of water. Will help with magnesium deficiency and allow the plant to take up more nutrients


Alright thanks brother.

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That is a ditto…what @bigcountry40 said. Used it couldn’t see any difference at all. Keep your money if you have it already won’t hurt to use it up, it is supposed to make the coco usable for another grow, so can’t hurt, but I sure wouldn’t buy it again.