Flourescent light for flowering?

Will a flourescent light work for a plant in flower?

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Yes, fluorescent light work , I grew one plant in in a 2x2 feet box with the wall painted white for reflection, the havest was almost 2 ounce with small buds but it work, smaller harvest and small buds.

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If you can add some spectrum 650nm =Red and with just the two you will be able to harvest, but not that much. When I had the friend trying it,that was the outcome, It was a poor test. No Reflector, ext… Genetics are the key to the ALL the other parameters come in to Play.

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They will work just fine for veg, plants may stretch a bit if low watts but you’ll want something different for flowering or at least add extra lighting

Edit: Sorry didn’t notice was specifically for flower. No don’t waste your time, buy something like a Mars Hydro Ts1000, decent price and will do fine in 2x2 tent setup


How many square feet do you have, and is it a square, rectangular shape ect… You can give me the height would help?