Flower light

Hello does anyone have any suggestions on a decent flower light that wont break the bank. Im running a 4x8 tent


Hi @cloudkandy

Not to sure what your budget is, but looking at growershouse.com I found these.

These are refurbished and a little cheaper by about $170.


Thanks @chrisj doing some looking around. So many to even kniw where to start. Lol


Two of the Grower’s Choice ROI E420 lights would blow the plants away. We use one of those lights at Lions house and he takes plants from seedlings through harvest under it. You would need two due to the size of the area you want to work in, unless you opt to use some of that 8’ area as working space, standing space, whatever it may be.


The lights i have are older hps fixtures. You dont want 1000 watt hps in a tent. It gets hot. And these are huge glass tubes.

@preybird1 would know how to get some great inexpensive lights.


Growers Choice roi-e720 led. Get 2. Lol


Yep I’m thinking that no matter what you get you are going to be needing two or more depending on what you get. For a 4x8 you are gonna need about 1800-2000 watts output for flower. I just got the 860 watt Luxx for my 5x5 and it’s gonna be iffy on the edges I think. Haven’t run it yet.



@ultrapuff you have the 720 for flower? I’m using the 680 and it’s terrific, Lion uses the 420 and it is terrific too. I think maybe Grower’s Choice is just terrific all around.

Here is a hyperlink to photos of Lion’s closet. He is using one 420 in a 4’*5’ room. I use a 200 and a 680 both in 4.5’ * 5’ rooms.

When your plants get bigger, it is kind of nice to not have to twist and turn your arms to water them, or contort into odd positions to reach some of them. The back of my veg room is harder for me to water. I really, strongly, vehemently advise you perhaps use some of that room as working room. Say for instance you walk in, and you have a dedicated 5*5 area under which you grow, perhaps you could use that spare space to move plants aside while you work.

You could also put a smaller tent in your tent space and use that as a place to dry your herb out, drying is a third environment people forget, myself included.

You won’t go wrong with Grower’s Choice. I would bet money that @preybird1 would advise you towards Luxx, you may want to check them out and see if they have a light more desirable to your size, but from my firsthand experience, Growers Choice!!!


I have fantastic results with the Growers Choice. I’m planning on getting another one and daisy chain them. They are good on not putting out too much heat. Most of the time I keep her closer to the plants and keep it at 75%. It’s plenty and it’s cooler. The coverage is legit also!


@NateCannaCribs user reviews looking good in here!


Thanks everyone ill save little more cash up then and deal with my luxx one more round. Maybe ill just add some red for now. (: yall rock