Flower to veg to flower weird cycle

I started with normal 3 month old clones and planted mid May. Plants were already about 3ft and super bushy. After a week they went into flower. WTF? Buds were looking good. After 40 days the plants went back into veg, which is where I’m at now.

Plants have always been in direct full sun, but apparently the light cycle was too short to begin with? Then as the days became longer they went back into veg? I planted some clones mid june, long days, and they all immediately went into flower. So….my soil is nutrient rich in flowering chemical. Natural soil with Pro Mix Mico, and 707, worm casting. How to keep in veg until I’m ready for them to flower. I’m in the south.


Hi rikki, thats interesting to me because I had one do about the same thing this year. I moved 6 plants outside May 12th, one week or so later one girl started flowering. About mid July , when temps started
getting high, she quit, the bud dried out, turned crumbly. It’s now Aug 17th and she is in full flower again.Go figure. I’m guessing she stressed earlier and then got her shit together! If that can happen? So, I was wondering what strain you are growing that did this? Mine is Sky Dream from ILGM.

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I’ve got 20 cultivars from a nursery. Not auto flower…They all went into flower. But like you said, got crumbly, then are making a comeback. Shouldn’t be stress related per se. Not sure if lighting from indoor to outdoor affected the cycle


Ya know, I coulda done something along the way that caused the stress. I was thinking about starting a thread " Stupid shit I done while stoned ". I like to get up early, round 4:00 am, sit on the porch and drink coffee and get high. No problem right. Well I tend to my girls after that… stupid shit happens!


Welcome to my world! Lol!


I wonder if its the light to light issue. When i went outdoors i was in humidity dome and after that was in solo below led till leaves were big enough then window then outdoors. I was a bit late but, have you looked at your moon cycle along with day lengths with hours etc? Can be helpful to give you a plan ahead and what prior years weather was like. Whats your humidity and temps outdoors?

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