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Flowering in tent

this is just over 1ft tall. When should I switch to flowering? The reason I’m asking is because I’m pretty sure when I do the plant will get quiet a bit taller. As it stands now I have 3ft left before it touches the light. Thanks


It all depends on how many colas you want! Now would be a great time for some topping and some lst. You can control the height of your plants by training them (tying them down). :nerd_face:


This will also depend on the strain and the amount of stretch that occurs during transition to flowering.


3ft left? 1ft tall? Flip Now or start topping and training.
Can your light go up higher ? Or is 3 ft all that you have to work with?


If you are scare of training your plant, or just don’t know how… don’t worry about that! Just say so or ask and we will help you get through this part. That part is the most fun, imo, you get to shape your plant to give you the best flowers she can produce. It’s almost like being Dr. Frankenstein!
@blackthumbbetty :wink:


I can adjust my lights, I have almost a 6ft tent.
I would let her go another foot then flip. She should be large enough. @docdre


Ok cool @covertgrower. Then I would say let it grow a bit more. Are you planning on training or topping?

in my experiences, as long as the plant is healthy & thriving, there are many different training possibilities, depending on what you are looking for, the plants are very resilient, and bounce back with a little time in between events…

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@docdre I usually LST, but for the most part, I let them stretch out and do their thing.


@devjyarn, do you still have that picture where you showed where you like to top your plants?

Edit: just found it :

Here @newbie19, some reading that might interest you :wink:

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I spent more time looking through my photos on my phone than I should have, but still couldn’t find it. The thing to remember is that the branches below where your top will keep growing in that direction. They keep criss-crossing. North/South, then the next set will go East/West, then North/South. I try to top my plants so that they don’t grow back over themselves and shade out the inner growth.

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