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Flowering , nutrient uptake

Hydro, Two weeks into flower and nutrient uptake slowing considerably.
during veg 300ppm to 400ppm used every day…now maybe 100ppm.
Using GH.this sound ok? Ph 5.6


hey @tig1

That does not sound right at all. Whats your ppm before and after a feed?

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@Hydro might be able to help here.

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1500 ppm checked this morning ,1270 so 230 ppm used in twenty four hours ,seems to be taking a little more than past few days.
I might be overthinking this thing.
Plant is really healthy 4 feet long 2 feet wide 3 feet high ,fills the tent
Flowers coming along nicely…looks brilliant just a little concerned
About low nutrient uptake…

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Hey Chrisj
Regarding poor nutrient uptake in flower
Should i stay the coarse or do a flush , not getting anything definitive
From anyone.
Like i said it looks really health. Just like to correct if i have to before
A deficiency rears its ugly head.

re you using any root inoculants? Voodoo juice? Azos? what is your EC/PPM running? products like these will help maintain a very healthy root mass. healthy root mass equals healthy plants and more, better buds.

A wise old grower (Old Phart) once taught me:

PPM dropping, the plants are hungry, up your feed a touch.
PPM rising, the plants are being overfed. back off the nutes
PPM remains the same - you have achieved equilibrium. Equalibrium = happy plants an that’s a beautiful thang.


Using monster bloom. ppm 1500
Thanks for your input :pray:
I will strive for equilibrium :upside_down_face::blush:

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1500 sounds very hot. Even when i was using AN fun strength the ppm was never over 1250 or so. Know many growers that keep it under 800 in hydro