Flowering seedlings

I have some clones and seedlings started and have left them outside too long. My plan was to place them in a greenhouse under lights and keep in veg mode through the winter. Looked at them today and seedlings are starting to show flower. Is there a way to stop and get back in beg mode without stunting the plant.

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Welcome! @420farms I think it will be stunted either way but 10 days of 24 hour light and it should revert back.


Do a search on monster cropping. I’ve never done it with seedlings, just clones.

Monster cropping is taking a clone from a flowering plant.

@420farms, they all are photoperiod plants, correct? If so, they will revert back to vegging for you.

How big is your space you want to keep them vegging in through the winter?

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I am keeping the plants in a 20x20 greenhouse for the winter with grow lights

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