Flowering seems to be behind

Looking at pictures from last year’s grow, my plants were further along in the flowering stage. I planted at the same time this year. I’m wondering if all the rain in July has helped push back the flowering? Does anyone have an idea on this matter? Thank you in advance.


Hi @sdoyle

From the southern hemisphere, our seasons are changing rapidly. Planting is sometimes later in the year and therefore flowering is later. I guess it also depends on when Gaia gives us the rain, we been in the longest drought for over 50 years. We had rains in the last week, feels like spring in the air today, but we have a couple weather warnings for cold fronts still on the cards. Our world is changing.

“In the UK, it’s often difficult to feel too worried about a longer summer. Although recently, perhaps, they’ve come with a disquieting feeling – a sense that something is amiss. Now, a new study by researchers at the University of Chinese Academy Sciences in Beijing has confirmed it. As the world has warmed, the seasons have shifted, bringing longer, hotter summers, shorter winters and more frequent and damaging ‘false springs’.” Source


Growing out doors can be like that. I wouldn’t think the rain would be the factor of flowering. It’s a possibility. But usually rain brings clouds which can trick the plants to go into flower a bit earlier. But outdoor grows can vary year to year. It can be strain and cultivar related. Seeing the pictures might be more helpful for us to decipher better and allow us to give you a more honest answer. But those are my best guesses. It’s a different season and the cultivars might be later flowers.

The only thing that with the rain that might have done it is make the plants think that somehow there was a longer veg period. Maybe they got enough shade from the clouds that tricked them into a longer veg because once the storms subsided they might have been getting every last bit out of veg as they could before the days actually started getting shorter. That’s my best guess.