Flowering time

Just curious about flowering time, so when you say flowers in 8-9 weeks. Now is that from the day you change the light cycle or is from the first sine of the flower. I think my times are off, flowering time is usually 10 weeks for my set up


I find that most ppl give a week or 2 for transition, myself included. So if a seed company advertises a " fast flowering 7 week strain" you are most likely looking at 9 weeks since the day you flipped lights. By the way I’m pretty new to the site as well and seen no one had answered you. If anyone else reads this I no way meant to step on any toes and just thought “hey that’s one question I might actually know” again thanks for the site look forward to meeting many of you.


Your right 2 weeks of preflower before the 7 t0 8 weeks of flower time


I think some start from preflower and some from 1st cola. Still often works out to about 2 weeks after flip.

So this a very tricky question for some growers, and we all know there’s a 1000 ways to grow. But there’s only one true way to keep track of where your plants at in it’s flower stage. That starts the day you flip your lights on after their 1st night of 12 or more hours of uninterrupted darkness @stickytent. I’ve seen this topic debated many a times before.
But when the breeder says your plants will finish flower in 57-65 days, that’s what they mean my friend.

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