Foliar Feeding Questions

Hey, Ive been trying to foliar feed more often and was just curious, should I mix different foliar feed nutrients all together like i do in my watering resirvior? What should the ppm be? Do I set the ph to 5.5? And i know that air bubbles are necessary as is doing the feeding in the dark. Any other tips?


I have 3 different foliar feeds Iā€™m feeding my plants, depending on their stage of growth.
I mix Umya Multi Kelp and Fulvic Acid as one foliar feed.
And then I have 2 pre mixed foliar feeds.
Umya Multi Foliar Feed
Hormo Cibus Spray

Each of them has their own mixture of nutrients and hormones to help my ladies become the Best the can.
What you feed is up to you, but I interchange my sprays, depending on the plants needs.

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute: