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Foliar Feeding

Hi all

I want to experiment with foliar feeding during later flowering stage (> 3 weeks). Couple of questions:

-Do you feed on top of a normal watering feed? Or just foliar feed and balanced water for the roots?

-Does anyone have a recipe for a good flowering stage foliar feeding using the Canna® product range?

Cheers :v: :monkey:


Best to stay away from foliar feeds during flowering. Works great during veg stage but you don’t want all that moisture and humidity later on… it’s asking for problems


No don’t spray anything on flowers. Even water mist will burn the stigmas/pistils on the buds. @FarmerK now this guy folier feeds and has a nutrients line for this type of folier feeding


I have been foliar feeding my plants for years with excellent results. go to
30%thc Ace Reefer. I don’t have mold problems. I started growing around 1975 and have faced every problem. I grow outside and use natural methods to beat insects and mold.
I will be posting more specific tips that I use and month by detailed grow journal
Foliar feeding . natural insect control, mold control, producing a massive root system , no heat stress .
Thanks Ace Reefer

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