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For those of you that use automated trimmers

Which one do you use and how do you like it?


I’d also be curious to know some ballpark figures for how its reduced your overhead or increased your efficiency.


I’ve always been a big fan of the TrimPro series. I prefer to use two different machines for varying parts of post-harvest production. I particularly like using the classic edition for removing large fan leaves immediately following harvest. We found it beneficial to cut branches as two-dimensional as possible to allow for even rotation over the cutting surface. The suction from the fan pulls most of the larger leaf sets into the cutting blade, reducing the need for manual removal, thus reducing unnecessary overhead. There is very little waste or damage to the buds during this stage, as they are still very moist. After working the branches over the surface, they can then be hung on the branches, or bucked out for drying on a rack system.
I then like to use one of the TrimPro tumbler machines, preferably the TrimPro Rotor xl; or similar model. This is certainly a more critical step; as the buds can be overworked. It is necessary to work with small batches to find the appropriate amount of material to put in the machine for a specific amount of time. We have found it better to work the buds to a level just below finished quality. This allowed us to reduce hand-trimming times by vast amounts, trim times are roughly 1lb./hour post-tumbler. Trimmers are able to move a lot quicker, as they only have to make the finishing touches. It is extremely important to clean these machines thoroughly, and frequently; to achieve maximum efficiency.
While this doesn’t produce the highest quality material for the shelf, it will significantly reduce overhead. I’ve heard that the horizontal “twister” style trimmers are more friendly for inexperienced trimmers, but the TrimPro style tumblers are for more seasoned professionals. I have no experience with the “twister” style, so I’m not able to say from personal experience.


Hi Nicholas,

National Grow Processors’, (N.G.P.Inc) machines are custom hand built processors and are an entirely new concept in dry crop finishing. With its patent-pending double-ended stainless steel removable drum and precision adjustable processor cinch, the processor offers the highest quality and speed for crop finishing available today. The drum and processing cinch are removable for easy cleaning or interchange without tools. The digitally programmable drive system provides processing speed, direction and timing controls. The drum end-lids are transparent to allow monitoring of your crop’s progress and provide for sampling without drum removal. The system is fully interlocked for safety. A pair of stainless steel trim trays captures and sifts all of your valuable by-product thru an interchangeable screen onto a removable stainless steel kief platen. Trimming is done in an enclosed chamber which has a digital temperature and humidity readout and recirculating fans for accurate readings. An industry-first Air Sanitizing Technology unit utilizing UV-C is incorporated into the recirculation system to allow thorough surface sterilization between batches.

When it comes time to reap the rewards of your growing efforts, choosing the right cannabis trimming processor can make a big difference in your yield – and your profit. N.G.Ps trimming unit significantly boosts speed, and produces THREE revenue products!… all without sacrificing quality!!.

Benefits of N.G.P. trimming processor are:
• Produces - up to ten pounds + of product per hour
• Mobile services – They come to you
• Set pricing - They don’t try to barter product for services
• Honest service – supervise the work, all product remains in your possession
• Climate-controlled – to sustain the quality of your product

Write or call them: ask for Christian,


We at Copperhead Cannabis decided to give a twister style a try, specifically the iPower GLTRIMBOWL16M 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin Cut. It worked fairly well at making nice looking buds, but they really were clobbered, so much of the good stuff hacked off. Ended up taking it out back and blowing it up with an oxy/acetelyne bomb. That really made it worth the purchase, watching it explode. :slight_smile:


Did you make a video of the explosion?

FYI - A Twister Trimmer is not a twisty style trimmer or bowl trimmer. You’re talking about two different things.

Twister Trimmer’s are these -


Hey everyone! Just getting caught up on the thread and you all post some good, relevant information! Hoping to add to the pile for consideration. The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer comes in a 215 & 420 model. The 215 Dry Trimmer trims 2-4 pounds per hour, while the 420 trims 8-12 pounds per hour.

The benefit to dry trimming is immense, as when you wet trim, you’re cutting a still living plant and therefore likely to lose more in the process. With proper flower preparation, a dry trim will allow you to reach peak product potency before using the trimmer. Then, when using a delicate trimmer like the GreenBroz Dry Trimmer, you can preserve the quality to the utmost level possible.

Our trimmer uses a patented blade design and angle to gently rotate your flower through the trim chamber, never tumbling or rolling it with harmful vertical drops that lower flower quality, knock off trichomes, and compromise bud structure.

Don’t take our word for it, check out what some of the top growers in the country are saying about the machine on our YouTube channel. (

We also offer free demonstrations all over the US so you can see it work before you drop a dime.


And to see the GreenBroz trimmers in action checkout Canna Cribs - Ep1 produced by Growers Network with host Nate Lipton of Growers House-dotcom.

Here’s a link