Forget Growing Weed—Make Yeast Spit Out CBD and THC Instead



Very fascinating! Nice find, @JoeGrow!

I have seen similar tech growing isolated cannabinoids on algae. While the dabbers of the world ought rejoice at the prospect of pure THC and CBD growing quickly on another photosynthetic carrier, those of us who love our flower might still prefer to remain old school…the ensemble effect may be a bit more difficult to achieve with yeast dabs…

What could be the potential implications of introducing this technology to our industry?

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Love the dabs so can’t wait to make and sample,or just sample.



it’s not natural bioengineered cbd thc from yeast



hell with growing weed, grow seeds. WAY more money in that. and futures seem to be looking up for that sector.



Yes I am going to go hard on learning genetics.Growing is a blast,I gotta learn genetics.
I’m going to get some seeds soon and start selling genetics. Your the second person to tell me that.When I do my first crop in Florida I’d like to use your genetics.I have lots of pain from injuries and wonderfully blessed with bipolar just got diagnosed because I had a manic exposed real embarrassing but glad it happened. Now I can help a lot more people.Now that the bipolars in remission I’ve noticed how much cannabis really helps so I’m going to teach as many people how to grow.Also am going to put together a homless shelter that’s self sufficient off cannabis and teach trades of growing.So a high thc concentrate helps tremendously with mental and physical pains so if been dabbing 9lb hammer and lemon og.



They’ll have to engineer them to do a lot more than that. We’re seeing in pharmaceutical applications that cbd and thc isolate to not pass through the liver with the same harmlessness as they do in full spectrum extracts or from flower. The dynamic nature of the cannibinoids is still escaping our understanding and technical abilities to refine to something the industry can call pure and consistent.

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