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Fortune Magazine Says Big Industry Interest in Cannabis is Growing

Chasing this buzz, Big Beer, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma have made bets on cannabis companies, as consumers are increasingly turning to the drug as an alternative to booze, cigarettes, and painkillers.


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What are your thoughts on this, GN Community?


There goes the neighborhood.


Along those lines —>


These new relationships are moving so fast, so much positioning and posturing. What do you think about this issue of The State of PA vs. Franklin, and how do you feel about limits on permits and dispensaries in general?

I think it will do two things… one give a legitimacy to the Drug that has been in the No No category for so long(no one wants a bunch of crazy side affects from their meds) and two it will squash small players who have not taken efficiency seriously enough. People who are Mom and Popping it will have to raise prices and even then it will not be easy.

We will see the number of producers/cultivators in the game drop drastically as scale becomes the only way to compete, most commodities have suffered similar trends. Canada is the prime example, cannabis for less than $1/gr in production costs!!! Not feasible without millions in tech and scale.

We all had our base for this industry in small scale farming, this is where that changes.


This is why I am completely against a blanket federal legalization (hb420)… these companies have spent millions trying to keep prohibition going… and now that we’ve done all the work, and took all the risks they want all the profits…
I’d like to see it continue the way it has, state by state…


How do you feel about multi-state operations? They are proliferating and have unique issues and challenges for both growers and state legislatures. As illustrated in this article from the January 19 Marijuana Business Daily, Acreage Holdings has 15 cultivation facilities and 78 dispensaries in 19 states:

I hate it. Alcohol has been the biggest industry to pay NOT to have legalization for decades. (swearing ahead)

GO FUCK YOURSELF. Seriously. You only want in now because people choose cannabis over you when given a choice.

Let’s take the most dangerous substances in the country, that are ALL LEGAL, and try to get into the health and wellness industry.


I am close to being with you on your points. States are doing a great job of making their own laws in a brand new industry. They DID spend millions to keep cannabis illegal. For decades!

I just wish we could have banking. Then I am allllllll for states’ rights!


I agree in some respects as that was a true capitalistic market, however, it seems those taking the risks were the ones making all the money. Black market growers paved the way to legalization true, but it was also them who tanked the price by allowing too much unchecked growth and oversupplied to the point of near price collapse. Those blackmarket days left growing counties with no tax base for schools or roads or anything for the common good. It helped local economies and individual families sure. The only truth you can see is each entity battled for what was in their best interest. Companies wanted no competition for their legal drugs and growers wanted to not go to jail for providing medicine. More and more the growers won their fight and lessened the consequences and thus risk which lowered the risk and collapsed the price. I think the way the most good is done is by allowing truth to reign free, cannabis is not a class 1 narcotic, no educated human thinks that and the federal law should reflect that truth I think. Cannabis is a commodity and it is a sacred plant too, that is it’s conundrum! If we don’t change it federally some states will continue to lock up thousands of people for things that are for no reason punishable by confinement and loss of civil liberties such as voting.