Fox farm ocean forest dry amendments?

I’ve always looked an easier way to grow at home. I have a few grow under my belt using synthetic nutrients but eventually would like to go organic.

I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos and the latest I saw was Mr Canucks and he is using Gia Green living soil + 25% worm castings and 444/284 slow release fertilizers pre-mixing the soil and top dresses 3-4 weeks after.

Gia Green isn’t available as I’m not in Canada and I was wondering if ocean forest would be a good substitute and if anyone has done this?

Everywhere I look everyone says I need tons of dry amendments and I’m not looking to get crazy with it.


That is a very good question. Lets see who can answer it @MrBlue, @LoCoRocK, @Mark0427, @Hydro.

Also, Fox Farms has their own feeding program to go along with their soil. You might want to check it out since it’s made to go with that dirt.


@hoppiefrog @zeus. They do organic stuff they might even be able to get u otger help also


When you do living and amendments, you have already given the nutes, so you just water.

Foxfarm ocean forest is a hot soil (nutes in soil initially). So the first 4 weeks you just water, after wards you will need to add liquid nutes.

A living soil is designed to feed your plants from seed to harvest, without the use of any liquid nutrients.