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SEPTEMBER NEWS (Human and Agricultural Lighting Edition)


Hello, this is Rebecca Knight and welcome to the latest BIOS newsletter! September has been a busy month for BIOS Lighting. Just last week Robert was interviewed by Fox5 News San Diego, where he described the work going on in our Carlsbad, CA office with SkyBlue® technology. Also from the Circadian-lighting side, we have a new landing page and video to share! On the Agricultural side we have several new installs, speaking events, and more…

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for all your Human and Agricultural Lighting needs… We’re glad you’re here!



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Featured Articles


September 5, 2018

The Newest Technology – USCC Expo Miami

At a recent Cannabis Expo, Eric Thosteson joined three other lighting experts to discuss the importance of sensor control networks, power re-distribution, and edge devices in next generation LED Lighting design and technology. The 2018 U.S. Cannabis Conference+Expo was…


August 15, 2018

What is Circadian Lighting?

Our bodies evolved over millions of years to wake when the sun rises and to sleep when it gets dark. Unfortunately over the past 140 years, our bodies have been confused by the use of artificial lighting, which has broken our relationship with the sun, and as a result our natural sleep / wake cycle. Circadian Lighting is designed to tap into the proven biological cycles our bodies follow each day. This is known as Circadian Rhythm…


Upcoming Events

October 6-7
Portland, ME
Speaking: Dr. Rebecca Knight

There are a variety of reasons growers use LED technology for both small and large operations. For some, it is to lower operating costs, to utilize a more plant-friendly broad spectrum, or to tie into control and sensor systems. For others, it is driven by economics and decreasing commodity prices, or it is based on power restrictions. Regardless of the reason, join along in this presentation as we compare operating principles of LED and HID lighting, including some simple calculations you can do to see if LEDs are right for you and your grow operation.

50+ Speakers
150+ Vendors
Tickets: $20-30

October 5-6
Phoenix, AZ
USCC Expo – Phoenix

While you are at USCC Expo in Phoenix, make sure to visit the Urban-gro booth (booth #321), where they will be displaying the BIOS Lighting LED grow lights and providing experience and knowledge on the Icarus Gi2, Icarus Vi, and the new Icarus Ti top light/greenhouse fixture.

October 9
Portland, OR
Horticultural Lighting Conference

Join @BIOS_Lighting_JL Jennifer Lytle of BIOS and Doug Oppedal of Evergreen Consulting Group at this educational one day event. Doug will be speaking on “Efficient Lighting Technologies and the Effect of the Financial Investment.”

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