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Freakshow exotics

We are weeks away from finding out.



Week 3 flower

Foxfarm ocean forest

Foxfarm full line ,Mother of all bloom, Amino acids, Calmag.

1000 watt hps

Day 78 rh 40 to 50s
Night 65 rh 40 to 50s

3 fans, port ac


So frigging cool I hope someone herenstarts breeding them

Hit up @FarmerK

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Great ty so much slymer

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@preybird1 check her out

How are your babies doing?

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Thank you!!!
We have it going on like a MFer


You got any other mutants? Dm me…

Wild looking plant my friend. :clap::clap:
Looks awesome.

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They’re slow starters but all 3 look healthy enough. I’m trying out different growing mediums

In 100% coco, Canna coco a + b nutrients @ 4 ml/L, Diablo monster frost @ 15 ml/L, Jurassic grow @ 1/2 tsp to 10L, Calmag @ 1ml/L

In ProMix premium organic seed starting mix, Calmag @ .5 ml/L, water ph from 5.7-6.3

And… Water, added a bit of Calmag @ 1ml/L and a drop or two of Canna start, but mainly just water until nutrients arrive next week

Slow growing but going in the right direction so… all good here


Yeah they don’t move fast.

Looking good though.


They have to be a damn near perfect plants with the leaf formations the way they are light must penetrate through the entire plant plus it seems like you really wouldn’t have to defoliate


Oh yeah. I let these run wild and im not enjoying the outcome lol. I should have lollipoped.

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I wonder what they would do outdoor… what is the flower time…lol…

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hey slym3r, is your portable ac helping with the electric bill? I am at the mercy of my environment … 112f 100% humidity

Adding to my electric bill. My port ac puts out about 5 gallons of condensate every 24 hours. I have to add water in pans to reach proper rh.

7 to 8 week. This is a stock pic of an outside freak grow. Not mine.


How much are those seeds. Are they alot more expensive than the auto and regular seeds or about same prices. I so gotta have atleast 1 of these plants to grow. It super freaky and i like it.