Fresh-Frozen Pharmers Needed

Hello new friends, I’m Kimberly, with The Green Living Company we are introducing innovative ways of cooling “Flower” to a target temperature before freezing for the secondary processing stage, a more ‘efficient’ method of cooling the “Flower” to maximize quality. We have designed a mobile system with a small carbon footprint that will take the Flower from ambient temp to -15 degrees in 45min > 750lb.

We are a reaching out to local growers that would be interested in providing a few pounds of product and test it against their current methods. We will provide a miniature test unit, my partner and I will ship the unit and meet it there.

We are very excited to work in the industry we truly believe this will be a viable asset. We have been in the Cold Chain Material Handling business for many years with “Flowers” just not this “Flower”. Here is some background on us ,we have built a Mobile Post-Harvest Pre-Cooling System for Driscoll’s (ColdPICK M1) Near Field Cooling Line grew from the M1 program.


Welcome! That sounds like an incredibly useful cooling system. Is it affordable for the hobbyist also? I have a friend that has a medical refrigerator, but it’s not getting cold enough.

What is his target temp?

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He’s looking for -40, but he says -20 will work.

We can take it to a hard freeze ~20F and then move the product to a conventional -15F freezer where the product is further cooled by conduction and not sublimation. Can your friend propose a fresh frozen protocol, and call out the pros and cons.
From what I understand, sublimation is bad because it not only removes water but a significant amount of the other volatiles such as turpenes and resin compounds.

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I will certainly talk to him and get back to you, thank you for your help!

Thank you we can definitely bring it down to - 20 We can also small or as big as the growers needs

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I will let him know, thank you!

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