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FUTURES Contracts for Cannabis Grow in NorCal & SoCal

Hello everyone. We have great opportunities for Investors in the Cannabis & Hemp industry

We have 2 upcoming Licensed and Compliant Greenhouse operations coming up in Norcal, and So.Cal
FUTURES contracts available for both properties
600 Acres total
Cannabis & Hemp cultivation available
Seed to Sale service. (planting, harvesting, trimming, packaging and distribution)
Strain Specific service available
Lock in fixed prices and weight, potentially 40% under market value
Contact me for more information.

I am interested in further information regarding forward contracting.
Please contact me at [email protected]

If I’m not mistaken this is like a franchise company correct?.. You bought the real estate and now looking to lease out said land to growers with a percentage involved

Hello @scotty17 . You are on the right track .
We are selling contracts for the Acres, no equity is offered with Futures contracts
just the right to buy the harvest at the previous negotiated price on the contract.
however, We are open to investors that would like to invest in the company in exchange for equity

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That might be a tough market right now… Stock companies are just developing… In my opinion keep it local keep the quality… Some Joe smo who decides to rent your space who has money to invest yet no growing experience could ultimately hurt the company but hey he had upfront money to invest :thinking:

we do the growing for them.
We have cultivators with 15+ years of experience.
and we handle it all from seed to sale

Hey, I’m interested in more info as well. Please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest, i have emailed you some information