Garden Route Cannabis Cup

Sharing some irie news from this side of the pond. 6-9 of August 2021 GROCGA will be hosting a cannabis festival in different locations across the garden route to celebrate the end of our harvest season. Their new video gives all the details and updates about the event and even more exciting is our local governments and tourism are all supporting the event!

Earlier this year I took a trip down there and met up with the guys from the farm, DankiPa.

What an awesome experience to meet and see their beautiful farm and join their social club. I was honored to be asked to judge the event and amongst 4 other other I will be putting my lungs to the test and vote for the best bud along the Garden Route during the weekend.

The Garden Route Organic Cannabis Growers Association (GROCGA) was formed to represent serious small scale organic & other growers from the Garden Route and to establish: A local brand awareness, quality insurance through good practice & standards, transparency and an offset for our local produce. The GRCC2021 and the Garden Route Cannabis Festival is organised by GROCGA Management in an exciting expose.

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Uh super nice @chrisj! We have to do something like that in Ecuador :ok_hand::herb::+1:


6-9 August is happening. I am doing a “cannabis corner” this weekend in my hometown, Bathurst, Eastern Cape. Very excited to show off the beauty of cannabis at our local mini agricultural show. I have a couple homegrown things for sale and will have live plants on display. I will post some pictures after this weekend. Here is the poster I am priniting today for the Garden Route Cannabis Festival.


Best of luck with the canna corner this weekend , we will be waiting for the photos of the SA landscapes :heart_eyes:


The weekend before last was cool, met some awesome people who came up to support and sell their goods. We blazed a trail and had a cool cannabis corner at the agricultural show. This is Natie and his wife Ilse from, love them to.

Our nominated live plant, Somango, grown by SweetWaters Aquaponics took the prize for the cannabis category.

A bit of cannabis history on display, some books for sale, homemade clay pipes, bamboo rolling trays and locally made CBD products.

Next big event is the Garden Route Cannabis Fesitval


Well guys, next week I am off for a cannabis roadtrip to get to the Garden Route Cannabis Festival. A full lineup of events below and buy a ticket online click here. @docdre @Arrow , hope you pulling through.


No good show can go on without some drama. The organiser ( Leon Meyer ) of this weeks cannabis cup in Plett was arrested last week on their cannabis social club farm by police. He was arrested after being identified for sending samples of the entries to the 5 judges. Police arrived at the farm en masse and took back to the station and held him for two nights. I am heading slowing down to the farm tomorrow and looking forward to the weekends Garden Route Cannabis Festival.

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The very hazey long weekend has come to an end. What wonderful people, venue and event. 4 days of cannabis from 8am to 2am at the Canna Club in Plett, south africa. We judged about 28 indoor, outdoor strains from the garden route. Mandarin cookies from a local knysna team won the overall cup for their entry. Lots of pics to follow, just on the road for the next ciuple days.

The last day was the joint rolling competition, my first kingsize roll was 12 plus seconds, brought that down to 7.6 seconds on the final day and got 2nd place…

What a weekend and well done to all involved. DANKI Pa.


The last couple weeks have been crazy, busy and fueled with cannabis. The guys from Canna Club have created this video and jam packed 4 days of cannabis festival into 1.5 hours of video. Well done to a successful event.


Packing and getting ready for the 2nd Garden Route Cannabis Cup. Its going to be epic and so looking forward to it.

garden route cannabis cup

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Reviving another old topic, but can you believe, the 4th annual Garden Route cannabis cup is taking plus in just over a month. Next weekend we are having a smoking test party, and been busy building a website for the event. Check it out if you are interested.