Gardening by the phases of the moon

using the phases of the moon to help with gardening. the old farmer almanac makes for a good read on this subject. these or just a couple i grow by.
waxing moon=is increasing in illumination/getting brighter.
waning noon is decreasind in illumination/ decreasing in brightness this is important. most all been taught the gravitional pull of the moon affects the tides in the oceans. it also affect the moisture in the ground.these or some thing i believe help me # 1 # 2 waning moon stimulates root growth. #3 plant vegetablesthat make fruit above ground.#4waning moon plant vegetables that make fruit below ground. just food for thought. try it will make a differance. check out the old farmer almanace i faled spelling. edit #1 waxing of the moon promotes above ground fruit waxing moon stimulates leaf stem growth best time to prune train waning moon phase best time to transplant i believe the waning moon phase promotes root growth it makes sence to me it would be best time to make clones and sprout seeds .to increase % .


@treedawg , hocus pocus voodoo stuff you bringing to the table. Well that was what I thought up and until several years ago. It makes absolute common sense, and I have met some unreal gardeners that swear by the theory. I battle to stay on top of it and would love to integrate planting by moon phases. The thing that blew my mind is when I connected the dots and realised how important the moon was shifting the oceans tides. Never done it though, but enjoy the full moon phases out here.

The moon has a direct impact on all beings, by paying attention to the phases of the moon you can take advantage to improve plant growth outdoors.

Even though a real study has not been done on this subject, we all know that the moon affects tidal activity, and plants are mostly water so read on and learn all you need about cannabis and the moon. Now you must be asking yourself does moonlight affect flowering? Read along and find out!

1. The Moon cycles

The movement of the moon makes its distance from the earth vary, to be able to see this, you should be at an exact point and the next day at the same exact point you’ll be able to see if the moon is ascending or descending.

Ascending moon

When the moon is ascending, the sap rises to the upper parts of the plant and it’s the best time to cut clones off your cannabis plant.

You should also avoid harvesting because the buds will be full of liquid and, as you may know, cannabis buds need to be dried so this can end affecting the drying process. More reading


if some one is interested in grow by the phases of the moon pm me . here or a couple i grow by . waxing moon phase plant vegetables or trees that make their fruit above ground .waning moon phase plant vegetables that make their fruit below ground .the old farmers almanac makes for a good read .


We just had a blue moon the night before last, a legal grower in my neck of the woods planted at this phase. I missed the boat and only started today. Lets post some more information on this topic, it would certainly help me get my ducks in a row.

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their is some time before and after a certain moon phase that the moon gravitional pull will still work


the current weather you or having is the most important just try to stay semi close to the moon phases . it takes the moon a while to change from 1 phase to another .


Need all the luck I can get this season so lets plant it right.


yea it make sence to me when the waning moon phase promote root growth . it would be the right time to sprout seeds . and or take clones .

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