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Gary V on how to dominate the Cannabis Industry

  • Plan for Cannabis to always be regulated
  • Content creation is great marketing.

Gary V has been there and sees it. Those that understand that this industry and product WILL become and moreover ALREADY IS an incidental commodity and that it will continue to be fully-regulated have the gift of sight and the chance to navigate-forward. Those that don’t get it stand far less chance at treading the waters. CUSTOMERS are why we do what we do. Focus on branding and customer service and the rest will follow…somewhat easier. It’ll still be a highly regulated infrastructure so ya better learn to fight city hall or have a plan on how to do so.

Gary, if your reading this, call me. I have quite an opportunity. (Yeah, yeah; we all do but wait til you hear.) This one requires someone that’s done it. You’ll see. Call me : 203-621-4797. David


Gary is my newest hero! If nobody here has heard of Gary Vaynerchuk I would highly suggest you immerse yourself in what he has to say.

I’ve read two of his books so far. Totally worth it! Just about to start #3.


"Trying to convince people who are ‘no-people’ is a waste of time"

To support what Gary Vee says, the tech space is full of “no-people” because it is anxiety-driving for customers to think about paying for SaaS solutions or buying a product that they can’t physically touch in anyway. On the flip-side, selling a concept/explaining an intangible digital product that makes life simpler is not a straightforward path to success.

"Patience, is what it’s going to take"

Collectively, we can slow down and listen to each other. If you do one thing today, have one conversation where you as more questions than give answers. Express curiosity and understanding in what the other person is sharing.

  • If someone says “I like asparagus”, ask them “What is it you like about those awkward looking green fibrous stalks?”.