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Gavita Pro 1650e VS Gavita 1000w hps Light

Has anybody finished a harvest With The New Gavita Pro 1650e Or have any experience with this light it’s fairly new not even a year old


I don’t think I have seen anyone with it yet. Let’s see if some others might have.

@macgyver_stoner @Growernick @hoppiefrog @imSICKkid


Nope not me just looking at led finally was watching kind for yrs dreaming of one but now gonna make some


I still have a kind L600 a spectrum king MLH I use for veg . The kind was cool for a while but I feel like I was outgrowing that footprint so I am moved up to the Gavita 1650e 5x5 foot print

Like like like…

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I’m gonna cheat the like system hahahaha

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Lol I smell ya

I hope it smells good;)

That was the hash I rubbed outta my jars lol

Umm ummm Good

@dbrn32 is phenomenal at giving parts lists for lights tailored to your wants…


It looks like a nice rig, but I’ve been turning my back on gavita since they’ve been purchased by Scott’s.

It has similar light spectrum, output, and coverage to the bigger fluence lights if that helps any.


Booo Monsanto :-1::biohazard: Scott’s is owned by the :smiling_imp:

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