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Gdp issue after repotting

Hi all,

I cannot seem to determine what deficiency I have going on with my gdp grows. The plants are all cloned and spend 2 weeks under t5. They then get potted up and go under mh. After a week or so under mh they start looking like the Pic. Soil is buffered with calmag and I feed fishmix, kelpak and humates and water with calmag. All ph to 5.8. Any help would be very much appreciated

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Cal mag early stage

You need to bring your ph up. Your plant will uptake cal-mag better at 6.1-6.2. 5.8 is good for hydro, but pretty low for soil. I’d be shooting for 6.5.

Welcome to our community. You’re in the right place to get help with any growing issues! There’s alot of amazing growers here that will help you through every stage of your grow. Just try to give as much info as possible about your environment, and lots of pics always helps.

Use miners gold complete product covers all deficiencies

In what your using in veg you need NPK and minors . The products you listed I don’t think have it .

where do you find miners gold? I’ve never heard of it and all Google comes up with is beer named miners gold