Gearing up to build a cultivation & processing facility in VA

Good morning, I have an extensive amount of land in VA (200 acres) all farming land, all within the right zoning code in the county where I am, which I will put to use to grow cannabis.
Traditionally indoor cultivation to start and moving to the ground to complement production on later phases of my operation, need guidance to build the indoor facility, size, rooms, etc. any professional help including blueprints that I can tailor to satisfy sizing and budget would be greatly appreciated.




You need to research on what type of license you going for and see how many you aloud to grow to get a ideal on the size but you want beable to do nothing till 2024 and they want Start excepting application till 2023


Hi @edthegrower , welcome to GN and hope you find what you looking for.

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@repins12 might be able to help out here

Hey thanks for your comment!

Yes I am aware of the licensing constrain, my intention is to be ready for any eventuality, regardless the license I want to build the infrastructure to be multi-purpose.

Thanks again

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Hey thanks again for your reply, what do you have in mind? I am all ears!

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Thanks chrisj, much appreciated!


Check out Coachella Valley ‘King of Weed’ Grows Highest THC % Cannabis in California on YouTube they show a good layout

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