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Genetic selection pressure

The people at @Strainly have data at the macro level. That we as plant people need to know. Growers need to know to calculate our futures regardless of were in the supply chain you are located.

There are so many cultivars available which is a very good thing. We are starting to have good profiles on basic chemistry. And DNA profiles public for over 600 cultivars that are high quality.

But, we are not getting numbers on basic growth characteristics of the cultivars. Hight, free branching, weeks to flower, average number of flowers, leaf type, volume of finished plant.

This is critical for groups like @OCP. And breeders to know the selection pressure on cultivars. Are we selecting more for 8 week over 10 week virieties. Are we selecting more for fat plants than thin tall plants. Both are important examples that supply brokers need to give back freely to the industry, to keep it healthy. This way we can breed better plants and still have good biodiversity in our larger genetic pool. We don’t want to make the mistakes of the tulup breeders or the sweet pea breeders. We need to learn from there mistakes or we are fools. :thinking:

From the voices in my head :hugs:

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