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Georgia's Legislature Reforms Medical Cannabis Law

Just before the stroke of Midnight on Tuesday – the time which would have consequently ended this legislative session – Georgia’s legislature passed a bill that overhauled the state’s problematic medical marijuana law. The bill passed the house 147-16 and the Senate 34-20. Republican Governor Brian Kemp is expected to sign the bill into law.

This revised legislature paves the way for a two-tier distribution system for cannabis in the Peach State. The state Department of Health will issue two classes of vertically tiered licenses under the new system. The first class of license allows for cultivation, extraction and places a cap of five retail dispensaries. The second class allows for 20,000 sq ft of cultivation space and is capped at three dispensaries.

No increase in THC content was included in this bill.

This is a big step forward for cannabis in the Southeastern U.S. What do you think the implications will be for neighboring states and the rest of the country? Does this legislation have any impact on you?


Does anyone have any info on how to apply for a grow licence in GA?

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