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German parliament legalizes cannabis for medical consumption


Some good news on the global legalization front:

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Interesting that we’re seeing multiple separate countries and states independently arriving at the same conclusion about cannabis. I wonder if it’s a sign of the internet age or just coincidence.


I think the movements in the U.S. play an important role here.

This is a documentary explaining the differences in Holland and the US (Colorado in particular):

It explains how product quality, tax incomes, prevention of criminality work in Colorado and how the laws in Holland do not make much sense.
So we are hoping on following into your footsteps in Europa, but there is still a long way to go.


@Daan Are there any English subtitles to that video? It seems interesting, but I can’t understand a lick of it.


@Hunter I’m looking for one with subtitles but cannot find it unfortunately. Sorry about that :wink:

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