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GENIFER M is pleased to announce a closeout special on a stunning soon to be discontinued necklace. Our Sativa Marijuana Leaf Necklaces come in a variety of lengths and is delicate enough to wear in the evening and bold enough to wear with just about any casual outfit. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement in support of legalized marijuana, this necklace is a perfect choice.

Our Sativa Leaf Necklaces do have to be worn with care and with clothing that will not snag on the gorgeous leaves. Due to the design, we have decided to discontinue this style and offer an amazing promotion to clear out our current stock. Now is the perfect time to get your hands on a soon to be limited edition collection piece from the finest cannabis inspired jewelry in the world, GENIFER M.


Kristine Gonzales
[email protected]


Let’s tag in some @DispensaryOwners @growopowners and @mastergrowers

For you ladies, gents, or shelves in your retail store: Who wants to get their BLING on for Half Off?!


Hey Kristine, cool jewelry! Now this is something I would purchase and stunt with it on around my neck. You have great prices on the different lengths as well. I’ll definitely check in to getting this necklace from you soon. Keep posting. I would love to see more.


Hey Kareen!

Thank you so much! Everyone on this site has access to a 10% off coupon code with the code “GROWERS” so now would be the time to get the best deal possible on some high quality jewelry. I hope to see a picture of you with one of our necklaces soon!

Thanks again,


That is a post heading right there.


Yep! Your post made me look at my profile pic and say, “Hey I could be rocking this sativa leaf.” So yes I will definitely take advantage of your discounted price soon. Thanks @alex_m for bringing @KristineG into the network!