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Getting started all over again!

Hello everyone,

My name is Matt, I am brand new to the growers network and I am very pleased with all of the free content I have browsed through already in just a short few days.
It has been a long time since I was invloved in the cannabis industry, almost 10 years now! I used to work at a few dispensaries in southern california and I had a small 2000 watt grow in a bedroom in my home.
A lot has changed since then, and it’s time I start doing my homework so I can begin to transition back into the industry.
I am currently an active duty military member and have 2 more years on my contract. My goal is to prepare a plan for a small but scaleable grow over the next 2 years so that when I leave the military and move back to California, I can hit the ground running right away.
A couple questions that I have for the members is:

What college degree would be beneficial for a grower in the cannabis industry? I have heard business, botany, agriculture. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Do people still grow in their homes? Is that still a profitable avenue to pursue? or is it all commercial growers that are dominating the industry now?

Very respectfully,




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If you need anything at all please let us know. If you need to tag someone all you have to do is put the “@” in front of their name like @mbowers620 :grin: Some growers should be along shortly :wink:


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There’s still a lot of people running home grows, and I mean A LOT! I’m not anywhere close to California, but from what I’m hearing it’s currently difficult to be profitable on home grow there right now. There’s just more weed there than buyers, and driving prices down. I have one friend there that stopped growing because of it anyway. Another seems to have an out of state buyer that keeps him afloat. There does seem to be a lot of people growing for personal use though.


@dbrn32 Im glad you brought that up, I was thinking that it must be difficult for the smaller home growers to make a living these days. My plan is to eventually go with a commercial grow but I have been out of the game for so long, I’d like to start small first. We all have to start some where right?


Awesome! Thank you @missiles



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Absolutely! I’m not really sure what the retail market there is like, but would definitely do my homework. There may be different markets more friendly to craft growers.



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Yes, a lot has changed over the years


I think part of this is similar to another question here:

But as was previously mentioned, the market may very well be flooded in California.

Good luck!


And this article might be helpful:


After you step your grow game up at home I would recommend to put a lawyer on retainer and I have him purchase your licensing’s and do the legwork for you to make sure your operation is going to last .Especially if you’re anywhere near California licensing is getting extremely expensive were there pretty soon making it virtually impossible for the little guy to get a piece !


Thank you all for all of this great information. Im going to start doing some homework and stay open minded about which state I should start my grow.