Getting Started!

Greetings to all from the North…Canada! I am an absolute newbie to pretty much anything cannabis other than consuming it and as such, I’m really hoping to get some feedback from some of the awesome people within this ultra cool Network!!

My questions are pretty simple but the answers might be complicated…? I guess I’ll see.

I have been asked to fill out the application form to gain approval for becoming an LP in Ontario, Canada and I genuinely have NO IDEA where to start :woman_facepalming:t4:.
If anyone could offer me some advice or assistance, I would be more than grateful to you!

So, where do I begin?
What, if any, materials do I need to help me fill this massive application out?
Does anyone know how many pages the application ends up being?
Lastly, can anyone help me out with how to word things appropriately or provide me with references whether they be books or online resources?

Thank you, in advance, for anyone’s input! This is super exciting but totally terrifying all at the same time :confounded:…terrifying because you want to succeed.


Nora :blush:


Hey Canadian GNET members, can you help her out?


I tried doing my own license but it was so damn time consuming so I hired an experienced lawyer. I think it’s worth it because of their experience in the field. They’ll be able to navigate through anything they have encountered before, letting u know what to avoid and why. In Canada there is (Trevor Simpson), I have talked to them before and are experienced in that field. Of course it’s always good to shop around.


No joke, I spent 3 months deciphering law, researching methods of compliance, and completing the application. I believe it was around 150 pages when I was done.


Hi @ Farmer_Dan!

Thank you ever so much for your input. When researching what you listed, was this research all internet-based or some “old school” research as well? By that I mean, did you head out to any of the law school libraries to find out more on the legalities of the industry?

Thanks again!!!


[email protected], thanks so very much for the link to this law firm’s website!! I really appreciate you taking the time out to share this information with me :smile:


I have no idea how Canada’s laws are worded or what is required, but for the most part I just researched on the internet. Not necessarily legalese (though some of that was necessary), but ways to meet compliance based on the law.

In Oregon, the application is more of a narrative, as well as specific methods. One thing I was told repeatedly was “there is no such thing as too much detail”. So I took that to heart and went for a novel. I was also told my application was one of the best they received and there were few clarifications and changes need throughout. One thing I have come to find out is that despite a law being worded one way, the directive on that law may be more specific, and that directive is what counts. The only way to know the directive on a law is to remain in contact with your licensing agent, ask questions, lots of questions. Another thing is was told repeatedly by agents was, “the greasy wheel gets the grease”. So bug them, over and over, until you get your answers, essentially this is part of costs associated with all of the taxes and fees on the industry.

It is daunting, but if you are determined to do it yourself, the best way to start is by starting. I started by doing all the fill in the blank things like, my name, owners, address, business info, etc. Then I picked a section and filled it in as best as I could. If I got stuck, I would email my agent and move onto the next section(s) until I got my answer to complete the previous section. By the time you are done, you will be an expert. :sunglasses:

On the plus side, I know the law well enough that I have even called my agent out on a few of their misinterpretations, "Sect 2, subsection 4, part A days, xyz’. Sometimes the directives says differently, sometime I got my way. So doing it yourself does come with some side benefits, you will know those laws inside and out. Keeping up with changes is another matter…


Hello @Farmer_Dan!! Thank you so much for the information…I don’t know what the differences are in between our countries as far as legalities are concerned and I’m not sure what the goals are for each of the states or the country itself. Is it to eventually abolish the black market?

It is definitely a daunting task but I just love this kind of thing!! LOL!!

Did your agent show you some application examples or were you able to find any examples online?


@ZsaZsa Two questions
1.) Do you already own the property where you intend on having your facility?
B.) Do you have a proper business plan created?
I lied here’s a third question.
III) Are you aware of the costs of the application?


I think it is to kill the black market and generate revenue, but with artificially high prices it still requires enforcement. In Oregon, a free market crippled most black market growers. It has been a double edged sword with respect to price when supply meets demand.

My application was one of the first submitted, no examples were given. They just told me where they wanted more information or what wouldn’t work. Just be ultra detailed with everything.