Gift for new father

So my brother and his lady had a baby yesterday. So now I’m turning to y’all for some help. If you read my first post you know the position I’m in if not, I have no money. I’m a stay at home dad with a disabled son. So we live off what my wife makes as a nurse. Any ways I need some great ideas for a gift for him. ON the CHEAP.


Congrats. I’m not a father, so I won’t be much help. I did want to congratulate!

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This would be for a fellow enthusiast. So anything really in the industry besides growing because he rents a small house that he does not plan on being in much longer. @Slym3r


Hi @lacombe82, great to be thinking of others in your position. I think the best present is something that takes time, or made with the hands. You have some nice wood in north carolina, hickory, pine, maple… I would consider making a pipe, a bowl, throw in a hand made card with a poem. Look at upcycling something useful, like turn a throwaway into a piece of art for his wall. Something cool I been thinking about making is taking my plastic handle off my bush knife and making a wooden one. Think of something useful for him, it does not have to be big or flashy, something meaningful or useful. Good luck and would love to know what you come up with.


Turning a photo or an important document into something that can be hung on a wall or put on display is a nice idea. A family photo, a map of your home town, a degree or certificate, a toy or memory from your childhood with your bro.

Something that your bro and his lady might be proud of but not have time to put into a frame or case.

Give them a home-made certificate to clean their dishes or do some laundry; a new baby in the house means everyone needs a bit of extra help.

Congrats on becoming an uncle!


@chrisj dude you are a fucking genius. I just chopped down a black cherry tree. I will start my build tonight. Thanks for the ideas.


Thank you @devjyarn. But as for the cleaning I keep my house clean and that’s about it. I don’t like to do it but after being in the Marines I do it. It’s like making my bed every morning. Great idea on the picture I might go cut some more wood down to build a frame for a picture but also hold the pipe I am going to make.