Giving Away 250kg ($7,000) of Vulx to a Commercial Cultivator

Vulx has been steadily increasing in popularity in the retail market, but if our goal is a real impact on decreasing nitrification and water waste, then getting Vulx in the hands of commercial growers that use soil mixes (indoor and/or outdoor) is key.

For those that don’t know, Vulx is a Volcanic Mineral Soil Amendment manufactured by a German Master Chemist using advanced nanotechnology refining practices. It is designed to increase uptake efficiency and retention of both water and nutes in soil - on average we see about 40-50% reduction in fertilizer, huge decreases in water requirements (though it varies of course depending on how you’re watering your plants now), and a range of 10-40% yield increases.

There are no conflicts with any nutrient or additive program whatsoever. Vulx will make nearly anything work better than it does already, including: humates/fulvates, mycorrhizae, trace mineral additives, and all fertilizer/nutrient programs - including organic!

That means switching to Vulx does not replace ANYTHING you love to use already, making it easy to integrate into your workflow. Simply adjust feeding and watering schedules and amounts and watch plants grow!

That’s why we’re looking for a cultivation to try $7,000 worth of Vulx completely free - just let us know how it’s working for you and allow us to use your testimonial on promotional material.

@mastergrower @growopowners It’s a win-win - the insane nutrient savings will save money and time while producing bigger plants that need to be watered less often, so we know you’ll come back to get more.

Feel free to DM us or reply here - we’re vetting all those who apply, looking for things such as specificity of workflow (so we can monitor changes), proximity to us in SoCal, and how much fun we have together!



My name is casey Connell and I am with Contender Gardens in Washington state. I feel I would be the perfect candidate for your product and I have extreme interest in this product. I have had to call in water twice this month due to water limitations. If you take a look at our website, follow it to “about us” tab, then “in the media” tab, you will get an idea of why I feel I am great candidate for the trial. It would be a win win! I have already been going over it in my head what I will be able to do next year so I don’t come across this problem again. We did trouble shoot our problem extensively. Starting with band aids and low cost alternatives all they way up to looking at more expensive solutions like another well, well pump, etc… You can find us at to find out a bit about us and whom we are and what we are about. you can reach me at [email protected] or here as well. I will also post my number
cell: 206-601-7585

Thank you for the consideration.
in kindness,

Casey Connell


Hey Casey,

Thanks for the reply. You’re right, I think this is a great opportunity to show how well Vulx works at reducing the amount of water you’ll need to give your plants, and it will be really great to make a positive impact on the environment as well! Plus you’re gonna get some bigger plants. Win-win-win(-win).

Vulx has a booth at the CannaGrow convention in Palm Springs this weekend, but early next week I will reach out to you to finalize shipping details and get everything sent over to you. I’ll cover the shipping costs on this as well, so no worries there. Before it all goes out I’ll definitely give you a ring!

Once it arrives I’ll always be around to answer any questions and help in any way that I can.

I’m really looking forward to working with you!

Cheers, and have a good weekend.



Thank you so much! I am looking forward to it. I will wait to hear back

Casey Connell


As an update here we did send the Vulx and it was received!

They’re SLAMMED up there at Contender so I will try and work with them to have a way to create a thread so everyone can see the progress, but be patient - it’s harvest season just about so everyone is scrambling.

Looking forward to showing everyone what this stuff can do.