Giving it a go once again

After an 8 year layoff… It was legal to grow in Az b4 the dispensaries opened up. Went they made it illegal, I quit. I kept my 2 600 watt air cooled hoods-lights and other assorted-needed things. Just recently got a chance to purchase a 9x9 Gorilla Grow Tent at a killer price. It was bigger than I planned, but couldn’t pass it up.

I set it up last week in my garage. (small 2 car garage w/cabinets) It just fits in w/my car. I’m using a big Phresh Charcoal cannister, mounted at the top of the tent sucking air. Feeding back thru the 2 600 hoods and then out of the tent exhausting into the garage now. (Might cut a vent to outdoor later on)

Just added two 440 watt LED’s that I bought yesterday at a great price. It seems VOLT is relatively new to the grow light business, But has been in the commercial lighting business for a long time.

Seeds…4 Different Strains…All Preybird’s stock. White Runtz/White CaviarXRuntz Monkey Slapz, Amnesia Lemon/White Caviar Runtz W Caviar/Runtz/Slapz F3 Just germinated them all transferred to solo cups containing Happy Frog soil mixed with Pearlite 70/30 I’ll be transplanting the cups to 5 gallon fabric pots this (Ocean Forest soil) time. I bought the good platforms and saucers (blk plastic) to go underneath.

Most of the seedlings broke through the soil yesterday, now I’m waiting for the last one to break through today.

Growing has always been a dream of mine. I’m ready to get back in the tent and just stare for a few hours at a time :wink: Which I can do quite easily!

If you see something that needs to be corrected please say something! I can use all the help I can get.




Hi @rixx

Welcome back to the world of growing and sounds like a serious line up genetics from @PreyBird1 . Happy growing and look forward to seeing your grow.


Sweet i cant wait to see your grow. Im running my 10x10 as a big flower tent. And two of my 4x4’s as breeding tents and the other tents as nurserys. After this next seed run. Ill be flowering some more tasty strains. I always wanted to grow. When i 1st started in 1998 i could only grow at my friends house. When i finally had my own apartment I grew in double wide closets. Now i have my own place and i enjoy working on my strains and crosses.


I knew I remembered that name before.

Captain Rixx. Starfleet command.

All hands on deck for your captain!


Sounds like quite the operation you have going. Let me guess… you aren’t married? LOL

I have been smoking weed a long time, over 50 years now. I never thought I’d ever see the day of legal cannabis. I applied for medical just as soon as Az legalized it. About 9 yrs or so now. I can remember the early days of High Times magazine, and just staring at the bud photos. We were used to mostly Mexican dirt weed, and a little Columbian ever now and then, both were FULL of seeds. Things have changed…LOL

I can’t tell you how eager I am to be looking at ‘my’ bud, and smelling that sweet fruity smell. It’s my fav smell in the world, w/o a doubt.

I can see a portable a/c in my future I’m afraid. I fired up all the lights yesterday to test temps. 80 degrees, and it was one of the coolest days of the year. I’m going to have to use another circuit for an a/c unit I’m sure. Luckily the previous owner was a Tesla guy, so there’s a 220 V plug right next to the tent. I can change it to a 110 w/o much of a problem.

Another ex-motorcycle guy here, had 1 most of my life. I miss them occasionally.

Thanks again for the seeds, and any help you might offer!


Nope, not a Trekkie. Sorry… LOL I did watch a lot of the movies.

It’s a variation of my (Rick) name, that’s not so common.

Nice to meet you!




I think you need a bigger tent :rofl:


Nice set up. Thats going to be an awesome grow in 45 days watch!. Jealous and i dont know why lol. Like the chair. I am married. Been married for 18yrs. But ive always been my own man. Nobody tells me what to do least of all any girls. I dont need a mother already had one. I make all the money, i do all the house repairs and maintenance and i bought the house by myself. Ive been working since i was 8yrs old. Started with news papers id ride my bicycle all over. Had my first apartment when I was 17. Damn almost 30yrs ago manTime flies by.


thanks! You can bet your ass I’ll be watching…LOL very closely too :wink:

You gotta have a chair… it’s my stare chair LOL Right now I’m my own source of CO2. Every little bit helps :slight_smile:


Lol right breathing makes a lot of co2


Good for you! Married here as well, 34 yrs. Seems I remember a little jealousy from the Mrs about me spending so much time w/the girls. Not too bad, but it was mentioned a few times.

Time does fly, the older you get, the faster it goes by too .


Man ive been motivating my wife to help more by paying her $20 and hour! I want to buy this table top trimmer but its 4k and she said no then you wont pay me to trim anymore and takes my labor. Lol i was like really? It replaces 16 human trimmers. We could be done in 1 hour of work.


lolol … right?

so envious … :seedling: :tent: :seedling: :grimacing:


I didn’t want this big of a tent when I was looking for one. I ended up stealing this one. It came from a craigslist ad. He was asking 300 and I gave him 250. Hardly used at all. Now I’m glad it is that big :wink:


So far last week was pretty uneventful. I have 3 seedlings that are falling way behind the others, 1 barely popped thru the soil and then withered away. 2 others seem to be stuck at their 1st set of leaves.

Added a humidifier as it’s pretty dry here in Az. 17% before, and 37% after adding it. Still not where I want to be. I wet a rag and hung it over one of the light hoods, very slow as the light is barely warm. I put some water in a few of my saucers also.

71 degrees running 2 600 watt HIDs in the tent right now. Haven’t really used the new LEDS yet, I wondering which lights are better for seedlings…? HID running Eye Hortilux Super Blue bulb, or White Light LED. I plan on kicking on the LEDs as soon as the seedlings get a bit bigger and transplanted into the 5 gal fabric pots. . I have always read and understood that blue light was the best for vegging. Still true?



For seedlings i only use these T5 lights. Also keep notes on which seeds you have any troubles with. There all F1’s right now. In 1 month im making them into F2’s after some more pheno hunting. I will replace any seeds you have trouble with. Ive had 3 strains now from afficianados that had poor germination rates like 45% success rate. And there seeds are not cheap! The 13th ghost was $269 and the white caviar f3 were $369 i will also be doing the afficianados royal salute.


I wasn’t complaining, please don’t get me wrong. Since I always used clones in the past, I have no idea how many plants should survive. I figured it wouldn’t be 100% I thought 75% would be good.

I have the cups numbered as to which strains. It don’t seem to be any 1 strain. I’ll look closer tomorrow and make a note.

For the future I’ll pick up the T5’s

Yes, 269 and 369 are expensive seeds, I’ll have to agree.



I didnt think you were complaining. Just letting you know ill stand behind them and help if needed. And yeah you can’t garuntee what seeds will do. Lately ive been getting like 45-50% success from outside seeds. Kinda sucks when your trying to remate and continue the strain on naturally. But if i dont get a mated pair of plants from the same strain i will STS it and make fem seeds to keep the strain.


You don’t have any domes over your seedlings? This could be a problem if your seedlings are popping up and then dying.