GMO auto from Atlas Seeds

Hey there, this is my first time growing cannabis. I’m growing GMO auto from Atlas Seeds, they are on day 23 and pre flower pistils are showing, started LST on day 21 but I feel like I am week late on this but done none the less. I am growing in a 4x4 tent, bloomspect 1000w LED, using Advanced Nutrients, dechlorinated tap water ph to 6.2-6.5, medium mixture is 60% ocean forest, 20% happy frog 20% worm castings! What do y’all think so far?


Hey @hilogrow23

Welcome to GN and glad you growing these seeds. The first time I heard about them ( Atlas seeds ) was in April this year when they were sponsored at the East Coast Cannabis Cup. Sadly I was unable to get a couple seeds but looking forward to what they produce. Happy growing @hilogrow23 , looking great.


I’ve seen them around a fair bit the last few months, there’s a grow off on IG of their Space Panda strain and a few friends have been sponsored by them as well


Those look lovely


just got done with their "Gummie Bears’ a OK plant with a OK yield and a Ok taste - will follow


I was really wanting a GMO auto strain and honestly they were one of the first ones I found that wasn’t insanely expensive! I’m hoping it turns out well, I picked some wedding glue, strawberry banana and mimosa cake from 420 fast buds for my next run…I’m super excited for those!


gat it as a freebie have experience with these - Ethos, Speedrum, Atlas, Med Pack and


I have a question…To remove or not to remove, that is the question, I am wondering if I should remove the LST tie downs? If so, when? They have been tied down for 4 days but thinking I should at least wait a week or 2. They might be going through their stretch as the have got about an inch taller overnight! Again, Thursday is the day 28 and the end of week 4.


I want to try ethos and mephisto but what are some other genetics that are quality but not as much as my car payment lol?


try “Happy Bird Seeds” they are very cheap seeds This company makes hybrid strain from well known strains. Have more companies that offer low priced seeds (Greenpoint seeds - their “auctions”) they also make their own hybrid strains also – have more just let me know - will list Attitude Seed Bank (worlds largest seed bank - they have one i the US now Happy Hunting – have any for trades ?


Here is a couple close ups of the girls now at day 33. One pic has a filter and it’s darker and the lighter has no filter.


A few update photos from Sunday and trich pics from today!

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