GN Poll: Have you ever been audited?

Have you ever dealt with an audit? How did it go? Take the poll below and then share your story!

Have you been audited before?

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  • I have NOT been audited

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I have been audited as a grow operation [so regulators coming to visit]. That went well.

As a business I have had the operation I was involved in audited by the IRS once and nothing at all came of it. It seemed like a sweeping thing. The state did the same thing, audited people deeply, at the time they “converted” medical to I-502 [and that went very bad for the majority]. Like they were auditing everyone around us and few of them got in trouble [but the outcome of that I didn’t follow so I am not sure]. I was really happy no one in charge of the related took any liberty I can tell you that much. I know people in other places at that time got hit with big fines, massive back taxes, and legal charges in some cases [which is an easier way to take out an ‘evil cannabis drug lord’ socially speaking when kicking the front door down didn’t work]. Remember that video of the undercover literally planting drugs in a dispensary? I guess he forgot the part where everything is, by law, or nature, for sure covered by clear cameras…

I seem to be audited by the IRS personally every once in a while. Some if it may have been political but I suspect my public involvement in Cannabis production could definitely play a role in the occurances. Could mean nothing at all. I mean, they claim to pick people for this, often, in some kind of ‘come on down!’ lottery. Nothing bad has ever come from it. A few times I ended up owing [seriously] a tiny bit more [but somehow never less… come on now!] or needing to make a correction but they were, I suppose, as nice a an IRS employee can be about such things? I never felt attacked beyond the fact that for some odd reason I was being ‘selected for an audit at random’ again… again… again… … again.