Going Hydroponic 💧

Hi all.

I’ve always been growing in soil or peat. Straight, or organic mixes, outdoor, indoor, directly into the soil outside or in big pots, in small pots, in fabric pots, plastic pots, organic or with synthetic minerals.

Next grows will take place in 4x4 tents, where I want to build a hydroponic system. I’m a hydroponic virgin. But a handyman and not a newbie to growing canna in general.

What systems do you guys prefer and / or recommend. (R)DWC?

And what do you think of this one:

I love how it’s build. How the reservoir is outside also.
Big pipes so the roots don’t clog up the system.

But please, give me all your thoughts, other ideas, whatever. The goal is: back to back grows in 4x4 tents, optimalised.


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AutoPot XL

Lion uses it coupled with a Growers Choice ROI 420.

It is not an RDWC. He also uses a 6 line pump from Vivosun to oxygenate each pot. Keeps his reservoir bag outside of the growing room.

VIVOSUN Commercial Air Pump 950GPH, 32W, 60L/min 6 Outlet for Aquarium and Hydroponic Systems Amazon.com


Heya @MrMonkey420 .
Hydro is a commitment. Just gotta say that up front. I’ve only got 7 grows total under my belt, all DWC, but a few things I’ve learned:

RO Water is a blank canvas! Don’t even bother and get a good filter that’s easy to use and replace.

Buy a good quality METER One that you would trust with your plants. Apera is the one I use.

Infrastructure At 8.3+ lbs/gal your substrate gets replaced/replenished regularly. Access to a utility sink and a drain is a wonderful thing. For example my containers hold 5-5.5 gallons depending on root mass. That’s roughly 40 lbs I carry through the house. Not everyone has the health to do it but I enjoy the exercise.
Have fun!!!


Run a drain out kit. Hook it to a garden hose and let it drain out with a mini pump.


Thanks truthhound! Commited I am, no worries :slight_smile: Oh and I use the Apera meters as well! They’re not as expensive as BlueLab and very reliable products. Deutsche Grundlichheit!

I think i will build that RDWC from PA Hydroponics that I mentioned above. Looks like a good setup. I’ll probably make some little tweaks to it and add a drain out kit like @Slym3r suggested.


Man when i got back into growing i intended to Rdwc. I even have a small 4 bucket 5gallons each set up i bought 4.5 yrs ago. But ive been dragging my feet and havent done shit with it. I want to set it up and give it a go.


Let’s go together then, preybird!! :smiley:
Planning 3 4x4’ flowering tents. And 2 for veg. I have the 4x2’ as well still, but running out of space. Probably need to look for some more growing space. Going to test A LOT of different genetics in the near future, back to back to back.


Man i have 9 tents. 6 are always running. Its a lot of work and i cut down from 31 living strains down to 15. I have all my strains remade in seed form now so i didnt need them all anymore. Im making F2’s this time.


Man this guy is great. Love his set up. I think this will be it :grinning: He started of Gary’s from PA Hydroponics’ build as well and fine tuned it to his liking.

Good music also.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


I will give you all the info you want. Just ask and I’ll give up all the secrets!


Anyone try Aeroponics, that’s the way I’ve been growing for the last 3 years…