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Good article for anyone

So from I get from this article they’ve taxed so much on California cannabis only a a handful in the scheme of things are surviving… But when I read this everyone is so concerned about cashcroppers and corporate taking the industry… Don’t they have to abide by the exact same laws as the rest of us… Seems to me lawmakers are confused… They’ve taxed so much no one can afford to have a thriving business… Even Phillip Morris who is supposedly gona be some big wig will have to abide by these tax laws as well… From I get now they are taxed about 35 cents on ever pack of cigarettes but we as consumers if you smoke is way more than that … Even tho it’s legal now but no can afford it


Basically California is completely backwards on all businesses I don’t know how anyone survives down there… I have seen a huge influx of Californa growers coming to Oregon to try and make it here in the last couple years and they all say its because of taxes, it’s sad too because a lot of these guys don’t wanna move their heritage is down there but to survive legally they have too… Also sucks for the hemp in Oregon the California big wigs are buying all the land for hemp since taxes are not terrible here with similar sun.


Yeah California is a shit now days. California is all about the money. Most people I know have or are planning on moving. I want to move back to Washington. It is beautiful there. Here in Fresno county they haven’t allowed any rec sales or nothing. Your not even allowed to grow rectionally here with out a permit and in a town full of schools good luck being far enough away from them. They are supposed to start the lottery for licenses next year but we’ll see how that goes.


I was born and raised here in California. This state has always had problems. Legality is what keeps me here. But the cost of living might push my out. Unless financials change I don’t think I can hold out maybe a year or.two more.


Colder here in Michigan but we just legalized… @MK3_Pharms
Plenty of opportunities here. :wink: