Good brand of colloidal silver?

I’m trying to get my feminized autos to give me seeds. Doing some reading up on it and apparently it’s as easy as dousing it with colloidal silver until you see pollen sacks?
If that’s the case has anyone ever used this brand? Looks pretty promising


I dont think you have to worry about brands to much. Its a basic simple product, silver in liquid. Brand looks cool. I looked on, but they dont seem to offer it.


Just the name would have me questioning it. Wouldn’t it be plant defeminizing or unfeminizing spray lol? Not to hard to make yourself with 9v batteries, alligator clips, silver, and water. I started with CS and went the STS route since it takes less work. But there again I’m not sure how hard it is to get the chemicals for STS anymore.


Thanks guys, just trying to save some time. I’ll look up the sts method

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