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Good morning ladies

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They always look good first thing in the morning. So calming


Very healthy plants man props;)


I am about to start growing at home. What tent and light do you recommend?

Nice plants… I hope mine turns out just as good. I am starting soon…any suggestions? I will be using a tent. I was on Amazon the other day and I’m not sure which tent to purchase.


If you just starting, a tent is definitely the way to go. My first tent was a Mars hydro 3x3x6. And it did the job. You can put two plants max in there ended up yielding about a half a pound per plant on my first grow. I recommend using solo cups with starter soil to start then transplant to one gallon pots and then to five or seven gallon.When you get up to the five and seven gallon I recommend sohum soil, it’s a super soil that has everything you need in it. All you need to do is feed it RO water throughout the veg stage and when you go to flower maybe add a booster. I am currently experimenting on M.O.A.B. as a flower supplement. I also use the Marshydro 2000 w LED full spectrum light. It’s a little overkill for the space but when it comes to cannabis, the more light the better. Also make sure you have a carbon filter for air going in and if you don’t want it to smell a carbon filter for air going out. And a couple of smaller fans inside to keep the circulation going. And if you want to go super crazy at a CO2 rain system, maybe not for your first girl but it definitely increases yield by 30%


@candle40 Here is a helpful resource (grow tent kit configurator) for finding a tent that works for your space.


Those are some good pictures! love the way the light comes through on the 1st one. maaaan i can’t wait till my plant does this! i will be a happy mama!