Green Sunshine ES300 or Mars Hydro SP6500 for 2x4 tent

I’m going to finally give LED’s a shot. I’m going to use a 2x4 tent to test out the lights. I’m down to either a Green Sunshine electric sky es300, Mars sp6500, or a Photobio t-duo 600w in their s4 spectrum. I want to get the best light possible to see what they can do in comparison to the mh/hps lighting I’ve used fir years and years.
I’d like your guts opinion on which you would do with and why please.
Thanks a lot everyone!

That’s a lot of light for a 2x4’ space! Is the room you’re putting the tent in large enough and cold enough that a fan can keep the tent cool?

All of those light options look like good choices; diodes are good, drivers are good, build quality should be fairly good for all.

I’d choose what suits your budget and curiosity. Is one of them looking more appealing than the others?


I had the same questions about LED versus HPS. So I set up both of them in my grow room. I have a 1000 watt govita HPS and a 10 bar 720 watt full spectrum LED. Each has their benefits. You’ll find with HPS that you need a lot more air flow and possibly a coolant system for the room depending on how big it is. Other than that the HPS might have a slight advantage as far as yield but the benefits of LEDs, I am finding, out weigh the HPS. For one thing your electric bill will go higher with HPS and as I mentioned the heat is an issue. If you’re measuring kilowatts per ounce, then LED is the way to go but you have to make sure to buy the right ones. I found out the hard way that the right light for the right room makes a world of difference. I would recommend California lightworks, they seem to have their s*** together


Hey good to see you here on the network@devjyarn you have been missed i hope didnt offend you. I appreciate you and always enjoy your responses. @jory devjyard is good help to have. He always has a very scientific explanation and reasoning behind his answers. Great grower and teacher.


I really think you’d be very happy running the mars hydro SP3000 in a 2X4 tent @jory. Your going to run into issues with the SP6500 like heat for one. Also if you can’t control the height of your grow and it gets to close to your lights, you can run into nutrient deficiencies. Strong LEDs can pull those out of your plants.
I’m running an SP3000 in a 2X4 tent right now and easily pulled 1.5g watt my 1st run. A few weeks away from harvesting my 2nd run with that light.
The SP6500 would fit better in a 4X4 tent.
I love led for how much money it saves me each year on my power bill.


Hi bro,
I think it should be cool enough in the room I’m putting it in. I’m going to be using 2-6” AC Infinity Cloudline T6’s; one for intake and the other for exhaust through an ac infinity carbon filter with one T6 digital controller running both in tandem. The room it’ll be in is usually kept between 68-71f. Oh, and I’ll be using a CO2 system as well.
Actually I’m kinda leaning towards the Green s Sunshine es300. I really like the even par over the whole grow space, 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee, and 5 year warranty. I also really like that they’re upgradable as well, so they’ll be able to remain relevant even after further tech advances in grow lighting. I think one es300, plus adding a Cali Lightworks UVB 24w t5 setup at end of flowering cycle should work well. If it wouldn’t be as much as I like I can always add another bar supplemental lighting as well. The price for all of this is a mere $695, minus a 5% discount a lot of growshops are giving right now.

Speaking of Cali Lightworks, that’s another one I have recently gained interest in. The only thing I really don’t like about them is that they implement dual cooling fans in all of their designs, but they’re supposedly very quiet, but other than that I really like a lot about them as well. And, right now they’re offering a 20% discount on anything on their website for thier Black Friday sale. After much research on many websites and watching several videos on them I’m really digging, and seriously considering, a Solar System 1100UVB with one of their controllers, which I can select any spectrum(s) I want, both the preset o Ed as well as custom spectrums that you set yourself!
It also comes equipped with a dual 24w 5t UVB setup, which I am really looking forward to trying out as it’s supposed to increase resin and thc production.
The only real downside I see with it is the price, as it’s the most expensive of the bunch at $1799 with the added dual uvb setup ($200). But their having a Black Friday special right now with 20% off of anything they carry, which brings it down to around $1430, which isn’t too bad, but if your going to want to dial in your own spectrums you need to get their controller as well that’s usually $189, but with the sakes only like $140, so it’s a good time to get one if it’s the one I decide on trying out. …and they have a 90 day money back guarantee and 5 year warranty too.
…if I like whatever I get Im going replace all of my other hid lights with them next time I can get a good deal on them.
…then there’s the Mars sp6500 which is only $800 and has nice even par coverage as well good components, but they’re not adjustable with all the other ones add ins. It just seems like a nice light with good quality components and a nice even coverage of full spec white light.
I really don’t know which way to go though. Have any of you guys/gals happened to use any of these before? I’d so what are your thoughts on them please?

Yeah man, I’m seriously considering the Solar System 1100 UVB with their controller. Right now they a 20% off sale on everything on their site.have you ever used them before @chefjonnyg? The only thing I wonder about with them is how loud their cooking fans are.

Can I chime in here? If you only have a 2×4 tent,
A 550 CLW is plenty of light. My 1st grow was in a 2.5× 5 tent, flowers at both ends just as big as
the middle. Alot of pop run lights too close,this
light should be 2 to 3 ft. From canopy.

@Olcoot, Yeah I know it’s probably a bit much n that I’d need to dim it some, but I’m doing it as a test. If I like the results I’ll probably buy another and move them into my 5x10 flowering tent.
Thanks though man, you’ve given me a lot to think about

Yeah, I know it’s a but string, but I do use added co2 in my tents and lst techniques, so height shouldn’t be an issue. After my test vs hps I’ll prob move it into my 5x10 flowering tent and buy the rest of the LED’s o need for my whole perpetual grow setup. I figured I could dim the 6500 a bit I’d need be.
…or I may just go with the Green Sunshine es300 and get a Mars sp150 and HLG 30 watt uvb bar for supplementary lighting.
What do you think? I’ve got to decide and order over the weekend before the sales are over. Lol.

@jory, forgot to comment on CLW fans. Yes you can here them if you’re in the same room, but nothing like an exhaust fan. So if growing maters you might hear them,but probably not w/weed.

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@Olcoot Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it. My spare room where I grow is already filled, so I have to put the new one I’m adding in my bedroom, so I didn’t want to get anything that was going to disturb me at night, or worse, alert a female that I might have staying the night that there’s something going on in my closet. The spare room I keep locked and have a fingerprint scanner to open, so no friends walk in on it by mistake, as I don’t let anyone around here know I grow. The most some people know is that I “used to”, lol.
It’s no ones business, plus when people know you grow they’re always coming around asking for some, which I’m not into. I like to keep it private around here with anyone who doesn’t grow, but I also enjoy chatting with fellow growers on places like here or ilgm’s forum sometimes. …especially if I need advice, or see a question where I think I could be of assistance.
After looking over a plethora of lighting options and doing a shit ton of research I’ve narrowed my choices down to three primary candidates; a Green Sunshine Electric Sky ES300, an HLG 350r XL (diy kit), or either a Mars SP3000 and SP150 or SP6500.
I’m also going to add either a HLG 30w UVB bar or a Cali Lightworks t5 24w led tube setup for the last few weeks of flowering.
I’m still not sure, but from what I read that es300’s supposed to be pretty badass!
…well thay all are actually. That’s one of the things that’s making it so difficult to choose.
If you have any opinions on these lights I’d be really happy to hear them please.
Thanks again

@jory, I have a 550 CLW w/ controller & the 24 watt uvb. I 've had 550 for 5 grows, just added the uvb the last grow. Didn’t have it high enough, burnt fan leaves up, at 3 - 30 min. on times! It’s now mounted on ceiling and runs 3- 15 min. on time. BTW CLW has excellent customer service!

Thanks a lot brother. I’ll have to make sure I mount my UVB up high.
How have your yields been with the 550?

@jory,being that I am in the secret squirrel club, just me& the wife, I have no need for scales,but I did weigh my 1st grow. 16 oz. Nugs,4oz trim in a 5×2.5 tent. Now I just count jars.