Green Zone, Modular Growing - Oakland, California

The new California Cannabis laws are creating pressures that could negatively impact your production.

Growers want to be lawful, productive, and compliant but they need a green zone site
that is California compliant, safe, and modular.

Located on Mandela Parkway, in the West Oakland neighborhood, agricultural
property developers have created:

Modular growing in the heart of the Green Zone

Oakland Growing Community
2430 Willow Street
Oakland, CA 94607
+1 408.621.6570

Select the Modular Growing configuration and size that best fits your needs:

Grow California organic quality products now
• Grow predictably—avoid delays, and interruption
• Grow with your process
• Grow with reliable systems
• Grow legally with compliance
Growing modules provide
• Resource-optimized systems (Power, Water, Waste, and Sustainability)
• Growing systems (Irrigation, Fertigation, Lighting, and Air Chemistry and Flow)
• License consulting services available
Grower benefits
• Rapid start to production
• Turn-key operational systems
• Compliance confidence
• Simplified planning, development, and inspections
• Security, testing, and distribution support
• 24/7 Systems support