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GreenBroz AutoSorter Preview and Pre-Sale

We’ve done it again! In an effort to make your harvest process more streamlined, consistent, and efficient, we’ve created the GreenBroz AutoSorter. Please check out the video preview below of our latest AutoSorter prototype that is nearly complete and will begin shipping in Q1 of 2018. In this video, we sort 19 pounds of material in 10 minutes.

We’re offering an advanced pre-sale from now until December 31st of 2017. The MSRP for this machine will be $13,000 and the pre-sale price is $9,500 (ends 12/31/17).

We’ll be LIVE this weekend at The Emerald Cup doing demos of this machine, as well as our other machines, so be sure to stop by our booths (both at the demo location and the hall of flowers).

If you would like more information please comment on this thread, directly message us, or email [email protected] with ‘GreenBroz AutoSorter’ in the subject line.