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GreenBroz Dry Trimmer Q&A

Hello Everyone!

We’re very excited to join the Growers Network community, especially since most of our company has been growing for a long, long time in various fashions.

I wanted to start this thread for anyone who has a question about our line of automated harvesting technology, which includes:

  • 420 Dry Trimmer (Trims 8-12 pounds per hour)
  • 215 Dry Trimmer (Trims 2-4 pounds per hour)
  • CannaGin De-Stemmer (Buck your flower faster than ever before)
  • Alchemist 420 Trichome Extractor (Turn your perfectly preserved trim, from our trimmer, into further profit)
  • Alchemist 215 Trichome Extractor (Little brother of the 420 model)

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have!

Also, we do free live demos all over the country. Just hit us up on here or call 844.379.8746 | email [email protected].


What are some of the most frequent concerns growers have about dry trimmers, and how does GreenBroz address them?

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Great question Hunter!

A loaded question at that. While we find ourselves answering a myriad of questions from a wide range of cultivators all over the US, and abroad, most concerns are answered and alleviated by a couple sentences; “Let us do a live demo for you. Seeing is believing and, not only can we show you how well the machine works, we can show you how your company can best utilize it in your harvest process.”

We think seeing is believing when it comes to automated equipment and our live demos allow potential clients to fully engage with the machine before dropping a dime.

We’d be happy to address any specific question here also, but I wanted to try and keep what could have been a very long response, short and sweet! Thanks for the question Hunter.

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