Greenhouse in extreme heat round two

Had these plants growing indoors since beginning of may, put em in the greenhouse after installing a used swamp cooler mid July, week later had the swamp cooler motor fail and everything got cooked, spent the last month bringing em back indoors and babying em to get em back to health, thought most were goners but surprisingly after 2 weeks I did a root drench and foliar feed of compost tea and they snapped right back into action. Had 25 plants, lost 11, these are the remaining 14 with 2 still kinda being a lil pissed off( forbidden jack and killer malawi x NL Sensi). As u can see they are lollipopped to hell after cutting all the dead stuff off. Now that they are healthy again and ran out of height for lights I’m making another attempt putting em back out there, this time to flower out. Swamp cooler motor is brand new now. Our temps are averaging 105 outdoors with this weekend expected to see 110-112, if they can make it through the next two weeks we will be getting out of the triple digits and should be smooth sailing , got placed out there 3 days ago and seems to be hanging in there just fine with the swamp cooler


Glad I was monitoring the greenhouse today, had the timer I tried putting on the swamp cooler pop my GFCI for some reason and caught it within 15 minutes, ditched the timer and smooth sailing rest of the day, today hit 109, tomorrow is expected 113. Swamper working it’s ass off but keeping up


@1andonlyredneck , I trust you will get through the hot period, I is on the way, Jan/Feb are our temps reach triple digits. A suggestion for your room is to put an air bubbler in there with a bucket of water. Might help with bringing the temps down, keeping the humidity up and making it a nicer environment. On top of it, your bubbler could be used to make some compost teas for your plants?

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Honestly that swamp cooler is keeping up, had a 3 way splitter for the motor and pump and figured out that splitter is what was popping the GFCI. We were 113 yesterday and standing in the greenhouse felt just fine! Where the heck are u to hit those temps for those months, Australia? Just bubbled up and fed my plants Thursday got two weeks till next feeding

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