What is the biggest best bang for your buck Greenhouse wise. For cannabis


I think with greenhouses its about the budget that is needed. Something you can look at this article I recently published about greenhouses, Investigating affordable greenhouses. Lean to greenhouses save alot of money as you only have to invest into 3 walls rather than 4.

Out where I live we save money by cutting our own poles and only purchasing shadenetting and wire to hold it all together.


Thank you Chris did you ever make a larger greenhouse more like 100 x 30 set up with a blackout feature for cannabis?

Personally I have never setup one myself, however I have seen many and still trying to get my hands on some framers for tunnels of that size at a very good price. I think if you are looking for that size, you really need a good budget to start it off. For instance once I get my hands on the tunnels I will be setting up an aquaponics system for a number of reasons:

  1. I am in a water sensitive area and need to use as little as possible. Aquaponics tics that box.
  2. Because cannabis is a nitrogen needy plant, aquaponics will supply that need.
  3. I have access to tilapia and they are great for eating, especially since my partner is a pescatarian.

I am about 1 year from a full setup and looking forward to having a full forest protected from the environment and creatures that lurk around. Plus really keen on having a sustainable way to grow veggies and lots of good cannabis!!! Good luck on your hunt.


I am about 1 yr from a full setup and searching ahead to having a full woodland blanketed from the surroundings and creatures that lurk around. Plus clearly eager on having a sustainable way to develop veggies and loads of top cannabis!!! Good good fortune on your hunt.

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