Greeting from Southern Cali

Hey all,
Im interested in meeting other beginner growers like myself near where i live. Hopefully in an attempt to colab. Ive been growing on and off for a few years and even went to Oakstersdam a few years back to get higher insight. Im open to conversation with anyone…

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Welcome aboard. Always nice to get another opinion or insite, I too grow in the south, I’m in Fl., Land of Sativa.

Cool, yea Ive been looking for a good place to meet other growers. Ill post along as I continue new projects. Have any cool grow pics?

I’m an outdoor grower, my aim is to have enough smoke to last ma and me for a year while growing another years smoke. Had my first smoke in 1973, I was 28 at the time and haven’t stopped since.

Wow, what do you do to preserve the buds for that long?

Nice set up @jaguar562… I’m in the inland empire… Small closet grow set up not that big but it produces well

Thanks, slowly trying to work towards bigger set ups

Me too if I can perfect my style with 4 plants I can multiply that no problem in bigger scale… Been working on it and trying new media and nutes but I’m pretty stuck on soil for now

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I store the buds in glass jars, usually gallon size and to keep the rh stable, I insert a humidity regulator called Boost. It keeps the weed at 62% rh for a year or more. When it wear out, there is an indicator also stored in the jar that tells when the regulator is getting weak. So far, I’ve had mine in the jars for 9 months and the pot is as fresh as the day I put it in, like Oct of last year.

Boveda is great to too @garybo for long term cure… Ages like a fine wine with packs… I rarely use but I have on old weed… Usually in early cure humidity is good in jar with burpings ive learned but after sitting awhile the packs bring it back to life :100:

Hey there scotty, sorry about not getting back sooner, we’re on the east coast and hit the sack earlier then you west coast farmers.
Within the past week I’ve destroyed 6 males and I believe there is 2 or 3 more, these came with the late crop. I’m not surprised with the males, I was expecting a 50/50 ratio and getting it. The regular seeds were bought cheap.
I put out 4 grows, the first Apl 1, the next Apl 14, then Apl 28 and last was May 1. I put out sativa first then like a month later I put out the indicas.
Anyway, just getting in from of the pc and saw your message.
Take care and spark up.